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Depression Poems For Those Who Struggle—and Those who want to better understand the illness

Because soon one day you'll realize no one really understands those tears behind that smile, those wounds behind that laugh.. Soon it feels like you put up with the most effort, and no one realizes it, and it just seems you're the one getting hurt the most. But even then you just can't change because your heart just tells you, "lie, lie, lie". Before you know it, you probably came to not trust anyone anymore. How do you detect smiling depression?

If someone appears happy all the time, has a good life, has friends, is smart, funny etc.. I would really like to know the answer to this question as I lost one of my fellow classmates to smiling depression and he was all of the things I mention above. I know it seems hard to detect and if you don't have it you may never know someone else has it.

I have only just realised myself that I have had smiling depression for two years but never wanted to admit it was anything wrong with me. But the only way to detect it is to try and see the pain in their eyes, when they smile look into their eyes you might be able to detect someone is wrong, if they say I'm fine or I'm okay if when you ask them, just say to them I know your not okay, and see if that finally breaks the mask they have been hiding behind.

Depression Poems To Get You Through Tough Times (& Understand Those Struggling!)

Sometimes they may even show you a song that you might think nothing of but to them the lyrics mean something and they might want you to listen to the lyrics to know how they are feeling so they don't have to bring it up to you. I tried that but no one noticed, and now I'm going to tell my mum to her face but I can hardly bare it as I'm seen as such a happy and strong person I just don't think she will believe me, so if someone tells you they arnt happy don't say yes you are you always smile and joke around, as really that's to hide what they are feeling and then they will never want to tell you ever again how they feel.

It is hard to detect but if you do detect it dont give too much attention to them as the attention will make them realise something is wrong and they will try and hide again, just slightly help them and build up their trust in you, but dont make a massive deal of it. That's most of the advice I can give from my own experience and what I wish people did to me. This is very much how I am.

A Reason for Hard Times

I recently tried to get help and through administrative legal proceedings people accused me of lying because I was able to do my job. I was surprised that many people I work with didn't know even though it was so obvious to me. I actually thought they just left to figure out my own shit. Luckily my lawyer pointed out that the reason I didn't say anything was because of how I was being treated by those accusations. Great article I only wish I had someone to confide in. Nobody understands and always always has an opinion or their very judgemental.

I actually have smiling depression, but I'm afraid to tell my parents because I think she'll think I'm joking, because I joke a lot, heh. I have been looking for the button for years. What is the button you might ask? The button I refer to is the button I could push and wipe out my entire history and have never have existed.

‘Smiling depression’ is one of the most dangerous mental illnesses – affecting MILLIONS

Yes, I am sure I have 'smiling depression' and have for years. And I am a retired social worker Right now I am barely functioning because about 48 hours ago I had to put down a most beloved dog. She was quite possibly the sweetest, most loving creature who ever existed. Her health began deteriorating about 2 or 3 years. She went blind in less than two days. I took her to two specialists in addition to my regular vet. I could not help her or slow down the progression of her disease. My 'smiling depression' is smiling no more. Regarding the button Even if I found it, I would would not push it right now simply because of several remaining critter companions- most of whom have handicaps.

Depression Quotes and Sayings About Depression | HealthyPlace

There's another blind dog, a couple of three-legged cats, a very sweet dog who was abandoned, a one-eyed cat Right now in my grief even the air is heavy. Simply walking, I feel as if I am swimming through some very heavy, thick soup. I lost so much sleep last week- I am beyond exhausted. I take stuff to help me sleep now but have bizarre dreams. I wake up and my gut hurts and I start to cry. I have some wonderful friends and neighbors.

They are there for me. But I cannot let them see what it is really like here now.

People have their own sadness. I am counting the hours since my beautiful girl and I were separated. It has been been over 48 hours now- we are getting farther and farther away from each other I am certain I have this type of depression. I haven't slept more than 3 hours in the past week, and I am almost 14 years old. I've only mentioned my feelings, which started almost a year ago, twice, once to one of my best guy friends who I found out is suffering from something very similar, and once, a couple months before, to my mother.

She simply told me that, although I was in tears, literally banging my head against the wall and threatening to kill myself, I was too young and that it was just a phase. Maybe it is a phase, I might get over, if I don't kill myself first. Trust me, I like living, it sucks sometimes, but I prefer it over dying.

I don't want to die, and I make suicide and depression jokes with my friends all the time. But when I have break-downs, which happen rarely, and usually at night, there is nothing to stop me from doing anything. I've held the knife, the pills, the bottle of bleach. Seconds away from doing the unspeakable.

Fortunately, I haven't yet. The worst part: I can't get help. My dad, who actually takes me seriously about the whole thing, refuses to buy me sleeping pills for the insomnia, knowing that they'd be in a close proximity when I do have an emotional break-down. That made my grades suffer, affecting me now and into high school.

But, I mean, hey, at least I know what it's called now, I guess. Smiling depression. Ironically sad. Chloe you need to stop listening to your parents views. They may think they are helping but they are not qualified to comment on your mental health. This is about you and you only right now -visit your doctor an impartial professional for advice It's not the end just yet x. Hey Chloe, this exact thing is happening to me currently. I've been in this since September and I've found myself in tears at night sobbing wildly, the knives and bleach, same.

I actually started cutting myself for up to two months following my first encounter with a knife. I don't sleep as I should, even lesser than two hours a week, and I try to drink all the pain away with caffeine and slash it all away with knives. I almost never eat anything either. I'm turning 14 in July'16 and your situation is almost identical to mine..

The difference being I haven't talked to anyone about it. I understand that I might not be the person you wanna interact with but just in case..

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This can be really lonely at time all the time for me.