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Meet Deborah King: Master Healer & Spiritual Leader

I didn't tell Deb who I wanted to connect with, but Deb brought my loved one through and left me without any doubt that she truly has a gift for connecting with spirit. She knew so many specific facts that she would never have been able to know or even find through research. The session was very healing for me, and renewed my hope for the future knowing my loved one is still with me in spirit. Lauren Chapman. Deb read for me almost a month ago, but I'm just now writing the review.

Deb mentioned "three gentleman" were coming through for me, and she proceeded to tell me all about the first one - my granddad. I was really excited, because he usually refuses to come through for us! But she described him almost exactly - and it's funny because some of the things she said about him are absolutely "him".

My granddad was always naturally slim, despite being a big lover of sweets.


I had to laugh when Deb said - "I get the feeling your granddad was never, ever overweight in his life! She was like - "Please, just answer "yes" or "no" - but no additional details! And she is! I had a mediumistic reading with Deborah Livingston. It was profound, as Deborah connected me to my grandma who has passed.

Pastor Deborah

She brought up details specific to my family and specific to my relationship with my grandma and even knew about the ongoing joke my grandma and I shared about her use of lipstick she always wanted me to wear it, and I always refused to — until her funeral. Before the reading, Deborah emphasized via email to not disclose any information as to not bias my reading.

As a skeptic, this was crucial! In the end, I was amazed by the accuracy of my reading and felt really grateful to know that we have gifts like Deborah Livingston in this world. Her gifts are undeniable and her spirit is admirable — she is incredibly warm, kind, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I am so thankful to have her in my life and look forward to continue working with her!

Elyssa Blasberg. She was able to connect to my closest family members who passed, along with many others I didn't expect to hear from. Her accuracy was amazing. As Deb explains That happened to me last night. When my son-in-law was drawing attention to flashing lights A delayed gift from my amazing session with Deb. It is my recommendation Thank you again, Deb.

You brought great peace and happiness to my heart. I will never forget our experience!

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Khris Norton. I felt like I needed some sort of guidance. I found Deb Livingston through a friend - researched her and found the techniques she used quite interesting. I have never had a mediumistic reading - I have never had a reason to get one done. After I read about Deb - I felt like I could give it a try. The things she shared with me were so very personal and touching - she never asked for any information during our reading - she could only know this information from her ability to receive it as a vehicle of the spirit.


My heart was uplifted from our time together. The only requirement is to be open to receive.

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For those who wish to communicate with a loved one may do so with Deborah. Her sole "soul" purpose is to use her gifts to heal, give comfort and provide the validation of existence of eternal survival by connecting to the spirit world. Since embracing her gift, Deborah has dedicated her life to achieving excellence in her mediumship and delivering percise evidence that only spirit could give her with messages of guidance love and healing. Deborah has spiritual practices and continues to unfold her mediumship abilites. Deborah continues to practice and attend courses and workshops with the Spiritualist's National Union and the Arthur Findlay College in Stanstead, England.

This enables Deborah to give an authentic and evidential session. Also, she will only give readings per client, per year and suggests new clients to opt for an hour and receive all 3 reading types. Patent and Trademark Office. Skip to main content. Deborah Livingston Submit a Review. In addition, Deborah has control over when to invite the spirit world but not whom. If you are ready to hear from your loved ones she is the one to make that happen! She shared things that know one would know! She is the real deal. If you want to know more about her..

Read her book! She is remarkable with accuracy and has so much passion and love as she works with you! Just do it! You will not regret it! Thank you Deborah for sharing your gift! What an amazing gift Deb has! I was completely blown away by her reading!! Validation after validation came through that it was definitely my late husband she was connecting with.

I have talked to other mediums over the years, but have never experienced a gift as great as hers!! Deb helped me connect to my sister and father who have passed. She asked for no information about them and was able to give me details that no one would have known. She spoke of a memory where we were decorating the Christmas tree and my dad was encouraging us not to throw the icicles on the tree but put them on one at a time.

She knew my sister was quiet and shy but very intelligent. Deb knew my sister died from a pain in her head. Deb was able to give me messages from them. I had a wonderful experience with Deborah. My grandparents, that I knew in my heart would be there, came through loud and clear.

There was so much about them and the comments they were making through Deborah, that confirmed they were a part of the reading. The advice my grandma and granddad was giving me in the direction I should go in life, was exactly what I needed to hear and I knew it was something they would've told me.

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  5. I would recommend Deborah to anyone who is wanting a reading!! Deborah, was amazing during a group reading with myself and my friend. There was no question as to who was in the room with us as she described our loved ones in spirit perfectly What important messages we received! Some of them "life changing" posted on October 10, by Betty Robidas.

    Feel so awesome after my reading with Deborah! She was spot on with info about my parents. She had their names, death circumstances, personalities and so many facts that there was no way she could have known without hearing from them. I had seen mediums on TV and was interested but felt skeptical.

    My cousin had a reading with her where my father came thru. So I contacted her and so glad I did - priceless experience! This was the first reading I've done and the whole experience was amazing.

    Pastor Deborah – Agape Love Ministry

    Although we went through a box of tissues, it was well worth it! Deb was great and we enjoyed our experience. Can't wait to do it again. Thank you for your time and sharing your gift! Deborah is the clearest, direct, medium I have ever had a consultation from. She was compassionate, forthright and down to earth.

    She did not try to interpret what she was given. She conveyed it clearly for me to translate. I would recommend Deborah in a heart beat! She made me feel like I was skyping with a family member just sitting back and sharing family memories! I so needed that : we even visited about my daughter's beloved dog. She so needed! Deb even embodied my father's personality And described each family member's personalities. Deborah is warm, kind and sincere. She also has a genuine gift. During my reading with her she connected to my late mother and came up with details she could never have known.