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We know how hard you've worked to get where you are. So we've worked hard to make this process easy for you. Tell us about your team. Fill out this form so we can learn more about your team and your dream ring.

If you can imagine it, we can make it happen. We will perfect your ring design.

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Our design team will send you a draft of customized artwork for your ring within hours. We will edit until we get it right, and then we will get you a final quote.

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Order and receive. We will handle the ordering for your team; then our skilled craftsmen will craft your custom rings!

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Six to eight weeks later, you'll receive rings to be proud of. Still not clear? We are here for you. Chat with us or check out our FAQs. Check out our latest brochures for each sport. More Champs. Ladies, we've got you covered!

Lord of the Rings Musical – The Final Battle Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Ask about our fashion championship ring styles. If the received order was faulty or damaged, we will properly meet obligations detailed in our provided warranty. Please allow 8 - 10 weeks for delivery.

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  5. Please insure your billing address is correct and matches the same address as your credit card. All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Any questions about the ring order contact us.

    The Toronto Raptors Honored Canada’s First Title Team With the ‘Largest’ Championship Rings Ever

    A non-precious metal developed for creating exceptional and durable fine jewellery. Boasting a rich, platinum-white finish, durilium resists scratches and will not tarnish. A non-precious metal featuring a 24kt yellow gold finish. It is scratch and tarnish resistant, offering superior durability. A precious and durable metal containing A jewellery innovation introduced in , black obsidian uses a diamond-like black coating to create a rich, high definition polished look. Your finger size is the size of the hole that you slip your finger into when you wear the ring.

    You can find your finger size at your local jewellery store before ordering your ring.

    The Final Battle

    For more information on sizing your finger please watch Baron's finger sizing guide. The total size of the ring is not your finger size.

    The story behind the Toronto Raptors championship rings - Your Morning

    Not all ring sizes are available for all finger sizes. All measurements are in millimeters. Minor size variations will occur in the manufacturing process. Rings can shrink up to 2mm from the casting to the final ring.