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The Day That Changed My Life

I left my job and started a part-time degree course whilst working part-time to bring in an income. My son was older now and was striking his own independence which gave me time to study. I picked up an evening class as well to boost my chances of employment when my degree was over. The part-time job I had came to an end due to funding and I secured a new role. This is when the change happened.

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I felt like I was continually recovering from the flu: hot and cold fluctuating sweats, a thick head — it was like trying to think through treacle. I started writing down my symptoms — a list which I found the other day when filling in my Personal Independence Payment PIP application form. A chap on my degree course had M. Having been let go from my job I took eight months off to try and feel better. After the eight months off I did feel strong enough to look for work part-time. I started working in a role where I was responsible for delivering qualifications to apprentices in the workplace.

I was in awe of the title and prestige when I told people what I was doing. I felt it was just reward for the hard work I had put into my exams and studying and that I was able to do this with the symptoms of my illness by just working part-time and taking it steady. I coped well at first; my manager knew about the M.

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Sadly, earlier this year my father-in-law passed away. It took me a long time to accept this illness, reading and researching to see what causes it, why it had happened to me, what I could do to help myself and if it would ever go away. I had investigated toxoplasmosis with my GP as I have indoor cats, but the results came back negative.

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I knew as soon as I sat down in front of my computer and cried when I returned from leave in May this year because I had so many emails to deal with, that I had to leave. So, since July this year I have been at home.

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Service and am currently tasked with colouring in a chart depicting my day. Red for high impact, orange for medium, yellow for low, green for rest and blue for sleep. My blue and green pencils are the shortest from being continually sharpened as they seem to be the ones I use the most! We are also working on defining the quality of my rest time by looking at the activities I carry out — for example, writing this piece.

He was six and his memories of the event are fuzzy, whereas I was twenty and my flashbacks remain vivid. Prior to September 11th, I was on a delayed entry program having already completed Basic Training at Ft. With my year long hiatus, I began attending college at Oklahoma State University to knock out core education requisites. The goal was to become a military officer and have the Army pay for my education. I was in college and sleeping off a hangover, trying to ignore repeated calls to my cell phone.

Once I answered, the voice on the other end had a frantic exasperation that drug me out of my slumber. Turn on the TV! Turn it on now!

The day my whole life changed

What do you want? There are a ton of airports around NYC. When the news channel finally freeze frames the shot, he loses his mind. My reaction to the tower exploding was oddly on par.


I watched a few more minutes in silence while my roommate crept down to ask what was happening. By September 25th, I was on a plane headed to the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School. Though I was an American soldier, the guards at the gate eyed my ID card and orders suspiciously. Once I got through the checkpoint and arrived at the barracks, the whole process of skepticism started over again. The night watch assigned me a room, and by 1am I was finally able to drag my travel weary body into a bed.

The Day My Life Changed Forever | Eurolinguiste

Before settling in though, my new roommate woke. You have hair? Cadre are going to lose their mind in the morning. He shook my hand, and we exchanged names.

Episode 44: The Day My Life Changed Forever

Then I asked what to expect. Total assholes. He was right. Instructors claimed I looked like Vanilla Ice and even made passing female soldiers stop to admire my haircut.

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We have our very own Vanilla Ice!