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This last mechanism and its interest in style only started being part of this discipline with Gorgias c. Briefly, Fiorin retraces the discipline's path throughout the centuries, pointing to the periods in which its studies were restricted to figures and to a more recent period, when it was reconsidered as a whole, focusing on argumentation.

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What is more important, however, is not the historical recovery but his way of contextualizing it in relation to discursive studies, once this is the topic carried out in the entire book - i. This compendium of argumentation does not exactly approach language processes; therefore, it evaded the scope of linguistics for some time.

It regards what the authors have named "discursive techniques" of argumentation, which only later became a research source for linguists. Actually, he highlights that such proximity was also possible because the very object of linguistics, from Saussure to Benveniste, has been altered and enriched; a linguistic study that now goes beyond the phrase, reaching the text, the plan of expression of the discourse , warns Fiorin.

It is from the "general rhetoricality in language" point of view that the author suggests that the discursive linguistics should inherit the rhetoric teachings; i.

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The text revisits, then, the first works of the field that bring linguistics and rhetoric closer: The "famous text 'Two aspects of language and two types of aphasic disturbances' by Jakobson , p. We would like to stress the explanation that the author gives in the second chapter of the initial meaning of ornatus in Latin and how it must be understood in rhetoric: "well-argued," "well equipped to perform its function," and of the word argument itself, which its Greek root argu- means "to bright, shine.

At this point, Professor Fiorin is talking to those who consider it an "ornament," a language embellishment or a way of expression that is far from "natural. When it does not occur, "the figure will be considered an embellishment, a figure of style. A Tretatise on Argumentation. Indiana: Notre Dame Press, , p. Fiorin's work contextualizes the study of figures from an ancient rhetoric view but, in the present, he joins them - all of them , to discursive studies, as enunciative mechanisms which produce argumentative meaning effects.

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As it can be noted, those first chapters are essential to enable understanding and a deeper level of comprehension of the work as a whole. Without any doubts, text clarity is a common virtue of Professor's texts; and in this work, in particular, its didactic but not oversimplifying aspect is another quality. Thus, concepts as intensity-extensity in linguistic extent, speed up-slow down, elasticity-condensation, among others, are understood by, above all, the argumentative examples given, a feature mastered by the author.

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