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Scarlett never wanted a normal life. Head strong and with a thirst for adventure, Scarlett began survival training for fun as a teenager and undertook deep studies of the martial arts for more than self-defense.

Two things all of her trainers noticed was her nearly unquenchable competitive drive, and the fact that she seemed to be almost completely devoid of empathy. She was cold. And up for any challenge. She was the perfect assassin. Scarlett found herself overnight becoming a one-company girl. One advantage of the new arrangement was that she got new toys and fresh training on a consistent basis, allowing her to further hone and augment her skills.

But one big problem was that most of her assignments were boring.

Out of the Madness: From the Projects to a Life of Hope Paperback

The occasional theft or surveillance jobs were not what she signed up for. Now, however, they seem to have found a mission worthy of her talents. They are deploying her to the Kadath deep sea mining facility to assess and monitor the situation there. And, if the situation proves to not be to her liking, they have given her clearance to employ her specific skillset with extreme prejudice.

You hear a soft thump behind you.

Yelping, you pull out your plasma torch and whirl around, prepared to light up whatever is approaching. The creature is creeping toward you, its soft steps calculated and measured as it pads across the floor. It is roughly humanoid in shape, but. That head.

Its head is gone. And in its place is a gently writhing, wriggling tentacle mass.

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You can see things moving beneath the translucent flesh, shifting, stirring, flitting. Ladd's gutsy account of how he managed to beat long odds by escaping from the drug-ridden projects of his youth will receive a 75,copy first printing. Jerrold Ladd. In a nation torn by a seemingly unbridgeable racial divide, there have been few written accounts from those caught in the abyss.

Out of the Madness is such an account. It is the unforgettable true story of Jerrold Ladd's journey from the housing projects of west Dallas to a life of hope.

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It is an authentic and seminal autobiography for anyone who wants to know what is wrong - and what is right - with America today. Out of the Madness is a moving narration of life inside the isolated wastelands of America's ghettos. Jerrold Ladd tells the story of his growing up in the projects: the games he and his friends played among the abandoned apartments and drug dealers; the acts of kindness they found amid the acts of violence; the extended but broken family; the church; the constant, debilitating pains of hunger and of shame that made going to an integrated school virtually impossible for Jerrold - despite the fact that his counselors and teachers recognized that the unkempt and dirty child was also a talented and gifted student.

At the heart of Jerrold's childhood is his searing relationship with his mother, a woman who, despite her addiction to heroin and the mistreatment of her children, managed the herculean feat of exerting a positive influence on Jerrold at key moments in his life.