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How do I hide my story from someone?

Do you want to share any links in your Insta Story so that people can see your blog, website or YouTube video? You can still have the swipe up and link icon on Instagram Story without 10k followers, without having a business or verified account. Would you like to spend an extra 2 minutes to make deeper connections with those who took the time to watch your Insta Stories? As you read through these tricks, I challenge you to see things from a different perspective :. A lot of people use this trick even some of the biggest social media gurus.

And I understand why:. Simply show your new blog post, video or product to people, and tell them to send you a message if they want the link. Every one will get your link at the same time, in one message. This way more people will be able to get access to your link all at once. Take this opportunity to meet the people who joined your Chat. They are your most engaged followers.

IGTV videos. Click here to see an example. If you want me to write a quick tutorial on how to create a video like this, let me know in the comments below. People will be able to swipe up , see your video and click on your link in your IGTV caption. Need help designing a beautiful feed?

Click here! No problem. Want to get the swipe up feature without 10k followers? But guess what? There will always be critics. Do your thing and focus on yourself. Meanwhile, they are killing two birds with one stone. What have you done?

Whatever happens in life, whatever people say, you can do it. Believe in yourself, and you can do the impossible. It perfectly illustrates the whole point of this post. Stories can move us and affect us in unique ways. They are an efficient way to get your message to stick in their heads. I am not talking about your gossip nor your complaining. A well-crafted, unique and relatable story is eye-opening.

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It cracks its way deep within us and toy with our feelings. It makes us see things from a new perspective. Gives us the reason we needed to believe in ourselves.

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Others have done it, and so can we. And it is preventing our growth.


This is one of the reasons the United-States political ground is so divided. You learn so much by opening your ears.

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It may challenge you to improve your argument. It only reinforces my belief that I can succeed where they failed. It may make you realize the flaws in your way of thinking , and lead you to go seeking new systems and knowledge. And who knows what you might discover or learn about yourself? My biggest self-discoveries came after hearing someone else view or story.

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Being seen as vulnerable leads to a deeper connection. When you opened yourself up to them? I bet you loved them at that moment, and it strengthened your relationship. Let me help you. Being vulnerable makes others trust you more and feel more comfortable with you. The chances of them opening up to you increase. This feeling of closeness is what most friendships lack nowadays.

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It is not easy to open yourself to others. I know.

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I was just like you but something changed in my life about a week ago and, trust me when I say this, you feel liberated. Everybody went through some hard times. And it might just be the most interesting story to hear about. Sit with an old man and ask him how he got where he is in life. Everything we are going through, our elders experienced it before. Ask the successful woman about her hard times and how it shaped and launched her into becoming the woman she is.

Hearing personal stories wakes you up and makes you realize one of two things about yourself. People have done the impossible before, and you can too. Getting over a heart-break, leading your start-up to success, rising up the rank in your company. Yet it has been done before, and you can do it again. The amount of wisdom shared in personal stories is huge. Some podcast I would suggest you listen to are:.