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The ancient Gnostic sects of the Mediterranean and Near Eastern regions held that the aeons were the emanations of God. These emanations descended from the fullness pleroma of God's light into the darkness. Aeons are made up of an array of elements, the archons that rule them, the angels Greek aggeloi, messengers that provide for their dynamic interaction with the cosmos, the "reasons" Greek logoi, or "words" , etc. In Gnostic practice these aeons were seen as barriers through which the initiate would have to pass after death until he gained the pleroma.

So much for the ancient doctrine. In Cairo, Egypt, Aleister Crowley received the text of a book dictated to him by a praeternatural entity identified as Aiwass or Aiwaz. This happened in , and from that time on Crowley began to preach the advent of a new aeon, the Aeon of Horus, which in turn superceded the Aeons of Isis and Osiris. It is clear that Crowley understood himself as an agent and an indespensable element of this new aeon, the Word of the Aeon made flesh.

From that point he was to func- tion as a Magus although he was not to claim that grade until , and as the Utterer of an Aeonic Word. Theoretically, it became his task and his curse to attempt to articulate this Word, which is 0eXrm. In this the Great Beast had synthesized the old Gnostic idea of a natural progres- sion of the aeonic rulers on Earth and the idea of a god- like intervention from above, exemplified in the Gnostic Christology. Crowley had conjured a new way of magical thinking with his aeonic formulation, and it was one that struck a few responsive cords.

All this turned out rather badly, as Jones ended his days in obscurity and insanity. The dynamic under- standing of the Setian Xeper, as continually articulated by its Magus, provides a more individuated and clearly articulated aeonic pathway than any of the previous attempts to work with such "Aeonic Words.

Miss Bronte Sa Vie Et Ses Uvres

In the FS the advent of the new aeon is seen first and foremost in astrological terms. It is the equivalent of the Age of Aquarius, ruled by the planetary archon Saturnus. The role of the Master Therion's Aeonic Word seems to be of secondary importance.

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What might be of widespread interest is the magico-astrological insight into the fact that the Aquarian Age will be one ultimately ruled by the dark Saturno-Uranian archon or demiurge. The cosmosophy of the FS is dependent on the natural procession of the equinoxes into the sign of Aquarius, which as a sign of the zodiac is traditionally said to be ruled by the planet Saturn. With the dis- covery of trans-Saturnian planets, and after astrology had synthesized them into its system, the planet Uranus was also said to rule this sign.

This physical event, as well as the other astrophysical phenomena taking place in the cosmos and more particularly within our solar system, are reflections of metaphysi- cal events occurring simultaneously with the physical ones. Although it is stated that "every age or epoch contains within itself the power necessary to its own fulfillment ," 43 humanity as a whole resists this reali- zation. It is only open to and known by the truly elect within a society. Humanity is for the most part still dominated by an unyielding law of self-destruction that rules in all realms of being, organic as well as inorganic.

Knowledge and experience of the archdai- monic principle embodied in Saturn can, however, free the initiate from the laws of cause and effect. In other terms, man can liberate himself from his own karma. It is the progression of the individual beyond the threshold — beyond the barrier — in order to become separate from the internal, objective cos- mos. In theory, the Aquarian Age, the aeon of Saturn, should be manifest first and foremost within the magically elect. The influence of the coming Aquarian Age is being guided by the Demiurge Saturnus, which is in turn being transformed through Uranian influence.

The present, fading Piscean Age is was ruled by Jupiter, under the hidden influence of Neptune.

The Ordo Templi Orientis Phenomenon

The Neptunian influence is thought to be exercising tremen- dous force at the close of the Piscean Age in the area of politics; hence the upsurge in collectivistic and com- munistic ideals. This tide will, however, suddenly turn, and this influx will be destroyed by the surging Uranian power. It will be up to the emerging Saturno-Uranian spirit and its elect to bring a new order out of this chaos. In this process the old nature of Saturn is undergoing a transformation as well.

It is becoming more "spiritual," while at the same time it retains its basic quality of stability and solidity. The synthesis of these qualities leads to a powerful balance in which the powers of the spirit are directed and manifested in exacting, precise ways which are as yet unheard of. Based on some fairly objectively interpreted astrological teach- ings, it could be concluded that the Aquarian Age will only appear to be one of rational and humanitarian egalitarianism. The Saturno-Uranian reality looming behind this world of appearances will be one of an enlightened system of control by a ruling elite — the final reign of the Illuminati.

The FS has its own mytho- magical understanding of what the nature of this entity is, how it relates to the order's astrosophy, and to the initiatory work of the order. Gregorius, although not as ingenious a poet or artist as Crowley, was nevertheless more straightforward in his approach to the role of darkness and the Luciferian light than was the Master Therion.

Perhaps it is for this reason that Gregorius was less "perplexed" than Crowley. As a result of being given this light by Lucifer, which continues to be reborn in every generation of humanity, mankind will be able to take a measure of egocentric power from the solar Logos. In this way Lucifer is the savior of humankind, at least for that part of humanity that has been able to com- prehend his Principle. The essence of the Saturnian cult is the effort to understand this entity and to con- sciously make use of its power in the service of the solar Logos Sorath.

However he came by it, Gregorius does seem to have a correct interpretation of the relative roles of that entity referred to as the Light-Bearer Greek Eos- phoros and that referred to as "God. Traditions differ on many details of the Promethean mythology, but what is essential is that Prometheus, wishing to help and preserve mankind some say he even created mankind , brought the divine fire — or higher con- sciousness — and bestowed it upon men.

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This was the first enlightenment of humanity. Zeus, however, was angered and punished Prometheus by hurling him into the depths of Erebus. There he was staked to a mountain — an image prefiguring the crucifixion by hundreds of years. The point is that the "creator god," here Zeus in the Judeo-Christian tradition Jehova , wants to keep humanity in subjugation and slavery to the "natural laws" which he has set up — but a rebel figure, here Prometheus elsewhere Lucifer befriends man and brings him the means to become as one of the gods.

This is the fundamental idea underlying the Luciferian stance of the FS and its connection to pre- and non-Christian attitudes toward the myth. The myth is most readily available in the Judeo-Christian canon in Genesis 3.

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A close and objective reading of this myth cannot but prove the Saturnian point: The rebel spirit Lucifer opened the way for man's rebellion and hence his salvation; Jahveh would have held man in the eternal bondage of ignorance. The Serpent gave Knowledge Gk. Any other interpretation of the text of Genesis 3 would seem wildly imaginative.

Following basically Gnostic thought, the doc- trines of the FS contain a Christology that is consistent with this view of the Eden myth. That both, according to the esoteric laws of gematria, render the sum of 35 8 demonstrates their essential unity. The Christos is a messenger and son of the Serpent, therefore, and not of the Creator. This Christos preaches gnosis knowledge and not pistis faith. The Serpent of Eden is further identified with the brazen serpent of Exodus and with the serpent- entwined staff of Hermes, the caduceus. This in turn corresponds to the kundalini — serpent power — of Indian tantric lore.

The truly beneficent principle is, however, identified as the Chrestos, not Christos. The Chrestos, the Good-One, is the designa- tion of the beneficial solar entity. Lucifer would also appear to have a central role in the origin of humanity, and in the origin of death.

It is thought that Lucifer brought about physical procrea- tion through a primeval sexual act with Cheva Eve. With procreation came death; but of course without death there is no change, no evolution. Thus the opening of the gate of death, the act of "sinking into matter," was a necessary step to link man to the current whereby Paradise can again be gained. But this time humanity will do it consciously and of its own will, and thus gain eternal life and wisdom. Not so much a good-versus-evil dualism, but rather a beyond- good-and-evil dualism summed up in the Saturn- Gnostic dictum: In an article entitled "Saturn-Yoga," Gregorius stated: The Light shines in the Darkness and the Darkness is more powerful than the Light!

The Yin-Yang in which the seed of the opposite quality is shown to be embedded in the depths of its counterpart. Thus there is a heart of Darkness within the Sun, and the Saturnian Darkness shines with a profound Light. The true god of Saturnian Gnosis is a Janus-faced entity — Baphomet: Temohpab — a god containing both a positive and a negative side.