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A move of God is coming; a move to bring in the lost for His Glory. Thank you Renee for pointing that out to me as I was not aware of this previous word. Someone else also pointed this out to me after I posted this word last month. What an encouraging word for us personally. I cannot tell you how long my husband and I have desired to own a farm — and we especially love those old barns! We have visited so many properties around New England and fallen in love — not with the house, but with the barn and the land! What a fun and satisfying word for my spirit today. Thank you for sharing it.

I thought I had signed up but I am seeing your posts only on Facebook. Now it makes so much sense! It resonated in my heart. Marcia, thank you so much for taking the time to read through the entire word. Are you aware of anything of this nature transpiring in your region?

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A prophet spoke a word over my husband and I severel years ago that our area southside of Indy was going to be a place of peace for others. And she said that earlier that day, she had a vision of a dove flying over the barn. My twin sons held a 10 week discipleship training in the red barn about two months ago for myself and 8 of my friends …. My wife and I received a vision from the Lord regarding a farm and a barn to be remodeled which would host worship nights and retreats catering to business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives, etc.

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We released our website for fundraising and immediately blew past our initial seed goal. In less than one month we have secured the property and launched the campaign for our barn renovation.

It was obvious this was the Fathers heart as there has been no striving to make this happen and lots of grace! We are pleased to now launch the barn renovation campaigns and are certain we will be able to renovate by the end of the year with retreats beginning in Spring We have had numerous visions of a major revival happening on this land that will reach many unsaved people! Let it be Lord! Your word brings major confirmation! A visiting Pastor from Tennessee sent me the link to your article today after he noticed the name of our Sunday School this morning 30th September At that time I also received the acronym B.

Greatly enthused by what I believed God was going to do in our land e. Several children 4 to be exact jobs, house moves and churches later and the Lord has brought me back to the church where I was saved, in the small rural market town of Gainsborough in the heart of Lincolnshire the flattest county in the land, well known for its agricultural heritage.

If it helps, our church building looks like a red brick barn and sits on a plot of land slap bang at the centre of Middlefield Lane right where a barn should be in the Middle of a Field surrounded by 3 housing estates white fields where some of the poorest and most needy children and families in town live.

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Thank you for your timely article which has been a real blessing and encouragement that we are on the right track, at the right time and affirmation that God is indeed preparing us to reap the harvest, not only in the US but farther afield! Chris, what a remarkable testimony. Thank you for taking the time to share your story as it was a delight to read. Those of us over here in the U.

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Please keep us posted on your development as it pertains to the B. N assignment the Father has entrusted to you. Many, many lives will be touched as the beauty and splendor of Christ Jesus is unveiled to this emerging generation. The land is not commercial—so, he is choosing for now to rehab it as a residential dwelling. WHY would he buy want a barn was beyond me.

No water, no electricity, no sewer—he has to add all that. It took us almost a year to secure this purchase. There were several things that kept happening to this barn while we were in contract. Twice, we walked away when there was damage done by outside sources a carload of kids running into it and doing damage, and then someone setting it on fire.

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This barn is iconic in this area—-just 25 miles outside of Seattle. Besides all that, Ryan owns a sq ft home just 3 miles from there with his family of 4. My son walked away from the Lord when he was 16 when a very close friend from youth choir became paraplegic after a car accident. He is loved by all that know him. He has an infectious presence.

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I would love to be included in this Barn Revival email list. Ranee, thank you for taking a moment to share the recent activities surrounding your son. I certainly see the hand of the Lord on this. Be encouraged. I recently have had Seattle on my heart due to what the Holy Spirit has spoken to me. Again, thank you for sharing this with us. Please keep me posted. Brian We need to connect. I just read the blog. We have much to share For the Bridegroom Troy.

I emailed you with my number. Praise God for all that He is doing in Bend and through your community of believers. Bless you. We have a large barn on our property that has been in our family for almost years.

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We believe our property is to be used for HIS glory and have had prophecy confirming this. We have had Holy Ghost meetings in the past and are believing that God will use it again. It needs a lot of repair, but God is our supply. Don and Carol, thank you for sharing this with me. Somehow I missed your comment previously. That touches my heart.

Has anything transpired since you shared this comment last summer? Blessings to you both. Wow, thank you Brother for sharing this and reaching out on FB about this post. I had NO idea but am just trying to be obedient to what HE is saying.

Top definition. Born in a Barn unknown. Originally used to say "you left the door open", based on the fact that barn doors were left open by farmers to let animals in or out. More recently, it has been used to simply indicate that a person is ignorant or uneducated as if they were brought up on a farm. To have no standards relating to people. To have an open door policy. To be savage of birth, bearing through hell and high water, especially when it comes to cold weather and the raw elements. A Jesus-like figure. Somebody who is perfect, blameless , and performs miracles in astounding ways.