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Back From The Ashes: Uncovering the Lost History of G. L. Hunt and the Falcon Pipe

I'm curious about how the cork fitting holds up over time. Yes, I have one of Ozzie's meer bowls -- it seems to be holding up just fine. If by some chance it doesn't, the cork isn't that hard to replace! I seem to remember reading that the darker the morta, the older? Please pardon my irrationality, but I can't warm up to Falcons. Kirsten I can abide as the thought in its design absolves the metal, though I seem to remember it took several years for me to come to that acceptance. I have one and the draw is poor so I don't smoke it, but that important exception not withstanding, I still like them.

I can't say that makes sense, either? But the Falcon design seems pedestrian. It borrows the multi-bowl idea and leaves the draw alone? Perhaps that's why they smoke well I know, this just gets worse.

Silly me for writing this, but I like Falcons better having done so I know;. That said, maybe I should get one? I love the look of sandblasted morta! Let me preface my statement by saying that I'm from Fort Wayne, birthplace of the Falcon, so it's almost my civic duty to defend them. Not that I don't like them; quite the contrary. I've never owned a Kirsten, though I'd like to some day. Mike, I don't think Falcon borrowed the removable bowl concept from Kirsten.

Falcon Shillelagh

Both pipes were invented in , and I doubt that either Mr. Bugg or Prof. Kirsten got a look at each other's designs before they went to work on their own. And the Falcon design is not pedestrian, it's elegant. While Kirstens have 5 or 6 components involved in providing a cool, dry smoke, the Falcon has only two, the stem and the bowl.

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The tube's internal spiral shape helps cool the smoke, and the sump collects the moisture, simple as that. They draw beautifully, and take maybe ten seconds to clean, making it possible to smoke the pipe all day without ever feeling like it's getting swampy in the heel or having to do a major tear-down to get it back in smoking condition. As well as they smoke, I can understand why people still like briar, cob and meerschaum pipes. Falcon bowls are, generally, smaller, they're not quite as aesthetically pleasing, and some people just don't like fidgeting with such contraptions.

But even if someone prefers Kirstens over Falcons, you can't really deny that Falcons do their job.

And they don't look like kazoos. I had no idea that Falcons originated in Fort Wayne -- I had always thought they were a British company. Well, you learn something every day when you're as regularly misinformed as I am Which is still in production, by the way.

The briar trade : Pipes and Tobaccos Magazine

Jan 6, Messages: 1, Great pictures!! Jan 7, Messages: 5, In , Rinella won a lottery permit to hunt a wild buffalo, or American Bison, in Alaska. The hunt is merely the basis for a fascinating exploration of the history of this iconic animal and the human history associated with it. A good read.

Messages: 2, I am trying to read them in order as this detective has a personal life and, if I skip a book, will probably not understand things that have happened to her.

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Good writer, I like the series. Old Dan'l was a hero of mine as a child from books not the TV show -though I did enjoy that, too. Jan 8, I have been looking forward to this as he is a favorite author of mine. Scott Fitzgerald. Jan 9, Currently reading Shutting Up Shop the decline of the traditional small shop by John Londel a great pictorial history of the small shop in the UK. Jan 10, Outwitting the Hun! Jan 11, Jan 12, The Poetics of Music by Igor Stravinsky It's actually a collection of the transcribed lectures he gave at Harvard in or , was the school year.

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Messages: 3, A very detailed look at what has long been dismissed as a sideshow to the slaughter in Europe and why it was far more than a sideshow. Jan 13, Messages: 17, Just finished my third James Cain story.

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  • If the point of the story is failed families and parenthood then the author succeeds admirably The relationship between Mildred and her daughter was annoyingly excruciating for a reader to have to suffer through. The Veda character needed discipline to get her off the high horse she was riding on. It boggles the mind as to why the mother gave this spoiled brat so much.