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When Loving Hurts And You Don’t Know Why

They need to spend some time with their buddies.

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This takes the pressure off him and takes the stress off the relationship, all of which makes him want you more. And really, to be in a healthy relationship, you first need to have a healthy relationship with yourself, so this is a win-win, any way you choose to look at it. This is such a tough one for so many of us, especially when we fall into the trap of validation. We want our man to validate us, to make us feel like we have worth and are valuable.


It's actually something you need to bring with you to a relationship. He may test you on this — maybe without even realizing it.

Except for his hidden crack addiction.

If, on the other hand, you show him by your words and actions that you do, in fact, have high standards for yourself, he'll look at you as having high worth and value as a person. And that's the kind of woman he wants to commit to for life.

This goes back to the differences between men and women. Women want their guy to put them up on a pedestal, profess their undying love to them, cherish their very essence, and make it known they are the only woman they'll ever love. If you do this to most men, they'll start to lose interest. He needs to feel there are plenty of other men out there who would scoop you up in a heartbeat if he's not careful. This isn't meant to be a jealousy thing, so you have to be careful here. We all know men like this! They are not that rare!

We have to reject the narrative that so many men getting caught with terrible misdeeds somehow suggests nefarious action is natural to men. The western traditions around romance give way to unequal power in relationships.

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A man is supposed to pick a woman he wants as his own, surprise her with a proposal, and carry her over the threshold of his property, his domain, where she will serve him with a lifetime of children, suppers, and smiles. But this tradition is changing. John never proposed to me because there was never a moment where our future was not a mutual plan. I had an aunt who, upon receiving my wedding invitation, asked, but when was the proposal? I had to explain that times are changing and we decided on our futures together, and while that is less romantic in her view, it is more romantic in mine.

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Even symbolic dominance is fading away. And even though my own father thought this was a very strange break with tradition, as an honorable man with daughters, he just chuckled at himself and the strangeness of all things changing. Far deeper held western traditions than rings and thresholds call men to be honorable at all costs. Now, as a mother to a son coming of age, I value my place in society as a woman creating an honorable man. My son has been lectured on consent since long before puberty. Of course, his formative years were the source of most of his education, sexual and beyond.

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The findings suggest that among primates, males tend to watch males to acquire a norm of behavior. My son saw his father treating me with respect always. I surrounded him with men who had respectful relationships around women. But the lesson on consent was the one I returned to most often. Consent means yes, it is not the absence of no. Honorable men value consent.

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Recently, my son called me near his curfew and said he would be late coming home. I rewrote this book three times, and the first time I wrote it, it was very basic. TV : I loved the way you examined your relationship to chivalry in the book. LP : I wrote a lot about how I tried to go on this chivalry diet, and how it was really difficult.

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I realized I had so much more freedom than I thought in my romantic relationships. The whole point of this book is not, in fact, to tell men and women how to act, but to encourage everyone to act like themselves. LP: Exactly. Is it a girl? What are you having? All I could think was, No! We give so much importance to gender differences as if they were innate, when what they are is learned.

I still think people assume women will buy this book first, and I feel okay about that too. I really hope this can take some of that labor off of women.