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What Does Abiding in Christ Mean?

Snap Judgment. Myths and Legends. Towards the close of his ministry on earth, Jesus taught his disciples of the need for them to abide in Him. This word "abide" speaks of the intimacy of fellowship with the Master to which his followers are still invited.

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Andrew Murray wrote this series of meditations, which he subtitled "Thoughts on the Blessed Life of Fellowship with the Son of God", out of a conviction that many believers are missing out on something that is really at the heart of a healthy Christian life. So as we continue into the first days of the New Year, may we turn our attention to truly abiding in Christ. For it is by abiding in the True Vine that we will bear much fruit and experience the richness of the Christian life.

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So make your resolutions. Set your goals. But resolve that your ultimate purpose in doing so will be to deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Apart from Him, we can do nothing. In Him we can do all things.

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A-B-I-D-E: The Experience of Knowing Christ Today

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